Nourishment Weekend - Saturday 30 Sep & Sunday 1st October 2017

Next Nourishment Weekend is Saturday 30 Sep & Sunday 1st October 2017

Why not treat yourself to a deeper experience with our 1 night/2 day retreat.
Saturday 30 September – Sunday 1 October, 2017

If you’re ready to take your transformation to the next level, why not treat yourself to a deeper experience with our 1 night/2 day Nourishment Weekend Retreat. Stay at the stunning Fragrant Path nature retreat, 40 min from West Lake Hanoi. A breath-takingly tranquil and tropical location, perfect for this stage of your life-changing journey. Book now, your adventure awaits!

Our Promise:

Are you ready for a change? Our Nourishment Day retreats aim to clear your mind and then open it to a world of mindfulness and positive thinking. We will settle your mind with tranquil and breathtaking surroundings. We will inspire you with an abundance of culture and local history. We will set your body at ease through great nutritional choices, Yoga and a wealth of naturopathy and wellness activities.

We will help you implement the good habits and healthy lifestyle you have always wanted. Give you tools to relieve the stress in your life, to help you be the best you can be and to enter a new, meaningful and fulfilling chapter in life.

You can experience yoga, meditation, trekking, naturopathy, wellness sessions, creative writing, photography and other delights to revive your energy and bring a sparkle back to your smile. We offer you a day of calm delight when you choose to come.

Your Experience:

The Nourishment Weekend Retreat is designed to calm your soul and inspire you towards healthy living. It is ideal for those who are new to this kind of experience, or have little time to fit them in. This 1 night and 2 days retreat is relatively easy to fit into your life, designed to give you time to relax, learn and be inspired by the surroundings and our programme.

Our retreat begins at Maison de Tet decor on Saturday 30 September.  Followed by a 45 min transfer by private bus to Fragrant Path nature retreat. Enjoy the stunning landscape and the fascinating property. Fragrant path nature retreat is a working farm, where Maison de Tet decor design all their art work and grow their vegetables, tropical fruits for their cafe.  Sample the organic vegetables, a plethora of activities and amazing wellness program. Take advantage of all of this whilst joining us on a journey of self-discovery. Our experienced and passionate team will help you create resilience in your health and well-being.

The Nourishment Weekend Retreat has potential to transform your life, mind, body and spirit.  If transformation is something you are committed to doing then your journey starts here. We will offer you solutions on how to manage stress effectively, find greater balance in your life and how to enhance your lifestyle with energy and vitality. Learn about the benefits of healthy eating, everyday mindfulness and wellness practices, and how to reach your potential. To help your body reach optimum health, we have designed the perfect daily retreat program; a morning of activity followed by an afternoon of relaxation.


Interactive Holistic Health Practitioner:

based in Vietnam, Karen has been facilitating her clients in her thriving private practice for nearly a decade.  In her private healing sessions, Karen employs modalities suach as Craniosacral Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu and reiki to allow deep transformations to take place.  Karen is a oneness Deeksha Giver as well as a Munay- Ki Rites practitioner and transmits these healing energies as called to do so.

As a physical education specialist, karen designs programs for aerobic and strength conditioning and facilitates the mind-body connection with the use of pilates and Qi Gong.  Karen’s integrated approach to wellness ensures a holistic experience.  her playful and compassionate nature enabes her to quickly develop trusting relationships with her clients and foster harmonious states of wellbeing.

Karen Gay’s wellness practices have been designed to awaken you to your true nature. They build vitality and help create mental clarity. Karen’s sessions will help raise your consciousness and enable you to live a life full of joy and possibility. Discover the power of wellness with Karen.


Host and Local Expert:

Pete has called Vietnam home for the past 13 years. In 2005, he bought a ram shackled French colonial building in the hill station of Sapa, in the northern alps of Vietnam. He set up his first business, Sapa Rooms boutique hotel, and over the years Pete has added more boutique properties to his portfolio.

Today, Pete has a very successful organisation of boutique properties throughout Vietnam including organic restaurants, yoga retreats, organic farm, hotels, natural therapies spa and 3 naughty chow chows. Pete is also a sought after design consultant and customer experience consultant. Throughout all his properties he employs people from underprivileged and ethnic minority backgrounds. Pete believes the key to breaking poverty is through education; he supports students in 2 ethnic minority schools deep in the northern alps of Vietnam.

During the Nourishment Weekend Retreat, Pete will be your host, showing just how easy it is to experience the ‘real’ Vietnam; its landscape, its culture and its people. The minute you arrive in this beautiful place, everything will be looked after for you so you can focus on rejuvenating and replenishing; Pete will make sure of it!


Reserve Your Adventure:

The Nourishment Day Weekend Retreat is open to all who wish to discover themselves, no matter what walk of life you come from. With that in mind, we are offering a choice of payment plans to make our retreats as accessible as possible! Now that you have decided to register, all you need to do is select your payment options; pay in full or our payment plan with 50% deposit.

We all need a break every so often; that time away to forget the business of everyday life is vital to keep our minds healthy and our lives balanced. However, when we crave that trip away, our bank accounts are sometimes not so happy about it!  So, we have created an easy and convenient payment plan to help you pay for your retreat in a more manageable way. It couldn’t be simpler…

Step One, Registration: Register by email to and drop into Maison de Tet decor to pay the 50% deposit (non-refundable).

Step Two, Set Up Your Payments: Once your first deposit has been received, Pete will be in touch to set up your payment plan. The remaining balance will be due by Friday 22 September 2017.

So, you know what we have to offer. You know we have everything you could possibly ask for to help you unburden your mind and support your journey to the next joyous and fulfilling stage of your life. Join us on the most life-changing adventure you will ever experience!

Be sure to book early as this event has limited places and in guaranteed to book out.

Nourishment Day Charge:
Full Payment VND4,500,000 per person

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